Renting a Cabinet with Astra Antiques Centre is a great place to start. Cabinets lend themselves to a good mixture of items, from simple smalls to interesting collectables, from high end ceramics to jewellery. If you are wanting to start out in the Antiques Trade then a Cabinet is the best place to begin, allowing you to have a feel of what Sells and what doesn’t and for you to understand how much work you need to put in to keep things going.

There are Cabinets scattered all around our building, but they are mainly focused on the entrance foyer and in the showcase room. Your chosen field of Antiques will help decide the best Cabinet location for you.

We want Dealers who have the right gear, can easily replace stock and above all else offer something different to our Centre.

If you are interested in Renting a Cabinet with Astra Antiques Centre, then please fill out the form below and we will get back to you with any available options.


Single Cabinet
Double Cabinet
Small Cabinet
Large Cabinet
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