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Astra Antiques Centre welcomes every visitor and strives to create an fantastic day out for every visitor.
To help adhere to this goal we have constructed our centre to offer the best ease of entry and use possible.
The Car Park is located directly outside the Main Entrance with a path leading straight to the main doors. Our Entrance Ramp is sloped specifically built for the ease of wheelchair access and our Centre is fitted with automatic doors for easier entry.

Astra Antiques’ ground floor boasts the largest collection of Antiques in the Centre. The cabinet room is packed full of items and variety from jewellery to watches, old country roses to royal doulton.

There is a great selection of Militaria, Tribal, Collectables, Silverware, Retro, Furniture and so much more.
Our fabulous 5-star rated Decodence Café is located on the ground floor – serving a selection of Hot and Cold food and drinks.

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