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Please Note:
As an Antiques Centre we sell thousands of items a Month, we are open for Business every day of the week between the hours of 10:00am to 5:00pm - keeping track of our one off items is difficult. To avoid any disappointments or inconvenience, contacting us prior to purchase is the only way to make sure we have the Item you are Interested in still for sale.

Should you purchase an item on our Website - and we discover that the item has recently sold in our Centre - we will notify you and refund you immediately.

Keeping our Customers happy is our number #1 priority - we have a system to keep track of stock for our Online Items and also do stock checks regularly. On the off chance that this happens - we do apologise in advance and will correct it in the best way we possibly can.

I Haven't Received Purchase Confirmation:
Should you not have received Purchase Confirmation this could mean that the item you Purchased is no longer available (please scroll to “Item Previously Sold”).

It could also mean that you have Purchased an item and paid the Shipping Fee, which is calculated to UK Mainland only and that you live outside of the UK Mainland. If this is the case, we will contact you and update you of any further Shipping Fee’s and proceed with the order only once we have confirmation from you, the customer, to do so.

Item Previously Sold:
All Products / Items on our Website are available in our Antiques Centre which is open 7 Days a week to the public and trade.

Whilst we will keep a strong Product Stock routine in place to monitor all items listed on our website, it is at times impossible to keep everything up to date, and this can result in an item being sold in our Centre, and later removed from the website.

If you have purchased an item which has unfortunately previously been sold in our Centre, and is no longer available, we will notify you immediately and Refund you in full.

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